Save URL even if selection empty

Alex Jenter 8 years ago • updated by OliviaHarris54 1 year ago 7
Now if we press the clipping hotkey in a web browser without selecting anything, CintaNotes creates a new note but leaves the "Link" field empty. It would be great if the "Link" field would be filled with the page URL.
taking/clipping complexity:medium
Would make for a nice stand alone crossbrowser bookmarking utility.
I find myself in this situation many times a day. From the hundreds of pages google delivers for a word, I want to keep few and unfortunately I have to type the tag (my search) and copy and paste the link...
I constantly fight with this problem, and CN inserting the URL into the Link field when no text is selected would be great :)

I remind myself times when it wasn't able :P

Yeah it was quite annoying!

Great option, alex u are great!