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Marek Jedliński 11 months ago • updated by Alex Jenter 11 months ago 2

I use CintaNotes to store a large collection of quotes. I usually create the notes by clipping from other sources, and a quote is typically a paragraph of text. The option to use "first line" as title is great, but in this case the whole paragraph becomes the title. This is a bit excessive, and becomes inconvenient in exported data.

Suggestion: add an option to limit the length of title taken from clipped text. Ideally to be specified as a number of words (default: 10 or so) rather than characters, to avoid cutting words in half.

taking/clipping complexity:medium

It seems like a good idea, although I have never had problems with that.

Under review

Thanks for the suggestion! Would it maybe be better if CN simply used first sentence instead of first paragraph? No need for another option..