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xylocorp3 1 month ago • updated by ElizabethMurphy93 4 weeks ago 5

Okay, here's an idea - I hope you understand:

I'm browsing through a very long pdf and want to tag various sentences, paragraphs and sections without stopping reading / leaving the pdf viewer.

I am reading through the pdf, I find a paragraph; I select the paragraph, then a discrete box comes up and I enter appropriate tags for the paragraph (there would be an auto-complete function in/to this box). I save/dismiss the box and continue my reading.

Whenever I finish my reading, I can go to a highlight section and search for a particular tag - up appears a list of the sentences, paragraphs tagged with that word or term.

Is this something CintaNotes can work with or is it an idea best directed at developers of pdf viewer software? Maybe this is how some pdf viewers already work - can you help?


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Thanks for the suggestion!

I like this one, pretty useful.

I think it should be first in the queue.

How many votes do we need to get that? I would use it.