Non-ASCII characters in URL are garbled on clipping

Alex Jenter 11 year бұрын жаңартылды 10 year бұрын 1
it is selected in the part of the Chinese language in Microsoft word, Ctrl + F12, the file path also includes the Chinese garbled
taking/clipping globalization


Fixed in 1.6
Not a bug
Closed because can't reproduce and no upvotes in 5 months.
Additional info:
"When creating a new note using the global "clip text hotkey" german Umlaute are not supported. Example: open a link "http://www.jufö.de" mark some text and create a new note. Now the URL get's wrong for the link field. You can correct the link inside the link field, which will open the link now. This is really a minor issue to me. No need to fix for me. But i wonder whether character sets for other languages might fail as well."