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HTML export and collapsing/expanding notes

Thomas Lohrum 11 jaar geleden bijgewerkt door Alex Jenter 4 jaar geleden 7
As with v1.6 it will be possible to export notes to HTML web page. I suggest to add collapsing/expanding of notes [in the generated HTML file - AJ]. (a) All notes and (b) individual notes.


Under review

The beauty of this feature is, that you will get CMS functionality. Though in a very simply form, it is a truly simple way of bringing content to the web :) and publish wiki-data for example.
export html with tag support,with dropbox/onedrive, than I can view more notes with my phone without any apps
What do you mean by dropbox/onedrive - that the user will save the HTML file into such shared folder, or that Javascript on the page should itself use it?

Do you mean "HTML export and collapsing/expanding tag hierarchy and showing corresponding items", maybe also with tabs (Sections)? It actually means shareable notes viewer for free. And it would be great. I vote for it.

Well, it's five years ago ;) I think the idea is to have a list of notes with titles that can expand to display with notes body and other details.

Also possibly add expanding/collapsing sections