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Copy URL associated with the note from the notes list

Redwood 2 года назад обновлен Alex Jenter 2 года назад 1

I use CN as a local bookmarking tool. 

It would be very nice to have an ability to copy the URL associated with a note right from the notes list. May be via right click menu option or via Ctrl (or Shift) + right click (it would be better).

At the moment, you have to open the note, click the edit button for the Link field and then highlight and copy the URL from there.

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Sorry I misiterpreted your original post. Indeed, copying note's Link field is not as straightforward. 

Note however that to navigate to this link your can just click on the arrow icon in the upper left corner of the note.

But will definitely take this into consideration for the CN4 UI. Thanks!

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