Drag-and-drop tags onto notes

Alex Jenter 11 лет назад обновлен 5 лет назад 12

Now it is possible to middle-click on a tag to add it to selected notes. But for some it would be more convenient to drag and drop tags onto

notes-list tag-sidebar organizing drag-and-drop complexity:medium
Yes, this one has the priority ;) but the other way round should be possible as well.

Any updates on this suggestions? Dragging notes onto tags would be really useful.

We plan ability to drag tags onto notes in v3.3 (Sep-Oct)

Dragging notes onto tags is not planned, because it will give false notion that tags are folders.

However dragging notes onto sections is also planned for 3.3.

Hope this helps!

Either one works for me. I believe what you are planning to is better. :) Thank you.

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