Easy access to all open CintaNotes windows

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Working with my notes I often end up having several notes open at the same time.
Some are related tasks - some are related information I need to work on that tasks.

I want to suggest 2 features to make it easier to switch from one note to another.

1) existing request >> shortcut
I suggest to add a shortcut that allows us to rotate through the open CN windows (similar to ALT+Tab).

>> Thomas has already requested it so please vote there ;-)


2) MAIN REQUEST >> "toolbar"
I suggest to make it possible to show a toolbar on top of every note window which shows and allows to switch to all the open 'other' note windows (similar to the windows taskbar).

As this is a request with strong visual impact (some may not need or even may not like it) I suggest to make it optional/configurable.

Both request would at least make my day with CN even more enjoyable ;-)

What do you think?

viewing other-ui keyboard

Really nice suggestion, Chris! However, it will be important to make this 'toolbar' inobtrusive, so that it won't distract from the note itself.

Yes, maybe an auto-hide feature which shows the bar only if you point the mouse above the title bar?


Closed due to inability to collect 10 votes during more than 2 years. Sorry.