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Just to show how Google solved this:
(each label (in CN this would be a tag) can have it's own foreground and background color)

Implementing it this way should also reduce the complexity (it would just be a visual thing).

Hi Alex:

This is a feature where I have a love-haterelationship depending on how it will be implemented (I have already posted my opinionhere).

Is the 'how' already settled?

Is there still an opportunity to vote for one or the other?

The more I think about this 'workaround' the more I like it. At the moment I am even prefering it to my inital request "Mixed tag-text search (it should make no difference whether a search phrase is part of a title/text or a tag)"

First of all this solution is much more flexible because one can also use SHIFT or ALT (e.g. to  exclude specific tags). And second it should not have such a negativ performace impact.

Which request do you like more?
Regardless of whether this feature will be implemented: Please keep in mind that there can be more than only the standard protocols known to all of us (like http:// file:// and so on). Every installed application can define its own protocol (like MS Onenote registers "onenote:///") and CN can open those links at the moment.
Please: I don't want to loose this ability (which makes link recognition a little bit harder).
I hate the registry ;-) and prefer config files mainly because I use CN as a portable app running on different machines. But I think in this special case you are right: as far as I understand this external link mechanism this is anyway a registry thing.
The main request here is not to have absolute links (this is just how it is solved in Onenote) and more clever approaches are appreciated (maybe a config entry defining the root directory which could be changed if necessary?). All I can say is that I use this feature in Onenote for years without any problems - I just don't have the need to move the DB around ;-)
No problem with the merge from my side ;-)

So I limit the list of notes with CTRL+click and after I am satisfied with my 'tag filter' I do a double click on any note to hide the non related tags?

If this is how it is intended, will CN remember this state for my next tag selection or will I always have to double click after I filtered using the tags (which would be inconvenient)?

Will there also be a hotkey to activate this behaviour? (CN is VERY usable with the keyboard and an extra switch to the mouse is not appreciated).

I submitted a similar idea that got merged with this special one. My idea was an "option" working always like described without the need of a double click.
Anyway, I like THIS idea (and already voted) but wonder how this will work with CTRL+click, SHIFT+click and so on? Would it be possible to implement it in a way so that we later will be able to CTRL+double click, SHIFT+double click and so on?

I think I just made an important finding:
If I use the global hotkey to generate a new note out of a selected text in onenote all works perfect (except that the formatting is lost).
If I go into Onenote and copy the selected text (ctrl+c) and then change to an existing note in CN and try to paste the text (ctrl+v) -> nothing happens.

Hope this helps to find the reason.