CintaNotes is a Windows application for fast and convenient note taking. It can clip text from any application on a hot key, has a powerful tagging system and effective full-text search capability.
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Alex Jenter 12 months ago • updated by mikeyww 11 months ago 4

Michael Weiner requests:

"In bulleted list, CTRL-TAB does not work unless cursor is at home
position, or multiple lines are highlighted. I recommend making
indents and outdents work from any cursor position on the line.

Allow the user to define which keys will be used to do the
following things.

1. Indent the line
2. Outdent the line
3. Insert a tab character

As long as the defined keys are unique and differ from TAB, no problem
will occur. Mapping a single key combination onto different actions
depending on the cursor's location-- the way CintaNotes currently
works with CTRL-TAB-- is a recipe for confusion; don't be like
Microsoft here!

I recommend the following modifiable defaults.

Indent: CTRL-. (i.e., CTRL plus ".")
Outdent: CTRL-, (i.e., CTRL plus ",")
Insert tab: CTRL-TAB

Alternatively, you could swap the current uses of TAB and CTRL-TAB,
so that CTRL-TAB moves to the next field (e.g., title, text, tags)."

editing complexity:medium
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klokov_e 1 year ago • updated by Hoakim Artramonov 8 months ago 5

I suggest adding a hashtag recognition autotagging rule. Very often I happen to clip something that has a #hashtag in it, like #books or something like that, sometimes several hashtags like #geography #lakes # holidays. It is tedious to create an autotagging rule each time, so CintaNotes could recognize a hashtag and autotag it. This feature could be custom. Thank you. PS. For reference, this feature was implemented in Rednotebook Portable on

tags organizing autocomplete
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Chris Moore 1 year ago • updated by Ethan70 11 months ago 9

At the moment, there appears to be no indication if - when you have a note open in the note editor - you have changed anything in the note since you opened it. For me, it means I don't know whether to click Ok (saving all changes), or Cancel (as I have not made any changes).

I know I could click Ok regardless, but I know that at least once previously, I have made an unintentional change to an open note (I opened it to copy some text, and instead somehow deleted some text), so I am reluctant to just click Ok each time. Thus, I would appreciate an indicator in the note (eg an asterix in the note titlebar, the same bar that contains the minimise, maximise and close buttons) if a note has had a change made to it since I opened it.

viewing other-ui editing
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Chris Moore 1 year ago • updated by Sophia53 11 months ago 4

I often hit Ctrl+Shift+Space and type a search term in for my multi-sectioned notebook. Note that I use the same colour for all my sections. I find that when CN returns the search results, I cannot easily tell which section each individual note is in. To do this, I have to double click each one and check the section dropdown in each note. What I'd like to have is CN show the section name in the note title bar, preferably the very right hand side so it doesn't conflict with the note title. That way, I could see at a glance what section a note belongs to.

searching main-window cosmetic
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branscha 1 year ago • updated by Alex Jenter 1 year ago 1

Chocolatey is a system to keep track of which versions of which applications is installed on a windows machine. It is comparable to apt-get on Ubuntu.

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Emil Kucera 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 2

Hello, I would fine most helpful if search for a word with diacritics would also find the same word without diacritics, and vice versa, since often it is faster to write a note without.

So that, say, "pricinlive" would also find "přičinlivě" and "přičinlivé" and a search for "příčin" would offer also "pricin" - which I may have written before the diacritics were easy to put in.

This would best be as a selectable option, either global or per search.

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Alex Jenter 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 1

Thinkery has more features as Simplenote


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