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Add support for spaces inside of tags

Nathan il y a 7 ans mis à jour par Vocipherous il y a 6 ans 4
Add support for spaces inside of tags. For example "Jane Austen" could be a viable tag instead of requiring spaces to be replaced with a filler such as "Jane-Austen" or "Jane_Austen".

Methods for doing this:

  • Allow "bracketing" of tags, e.g. "[Jane Austen] books favorite" would be considered three tags instead of four as it would today.
  • Allow "escaping" of spaces with a special character, e.g. "Jane/ Austen books favorite" would be considered three tags as the space is "escaped" by the forward slash ("/").
  • Allow configurable tag delimiters, e.g. spaces (" ") could be changed to commas (","), e.g. "Jane Austen,books,favorite" (NOTE: Another method would still be required to handle commas within tags.)

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This is a minor irritant. I have taken to replace spaces with dots within tags. Yes, this is less logical (or aesthetically pleasing) than allowing spaces within tags, and having commas as separators, like in tags of Firefox bookmarks.

If a change is made, however, it would be useful to have a converting routine. I have tons of dotted tags, and I don't see myself renaming them one by one to replace dots with spaces, if sometime this becomes possible.

Also, the separator (or a least some of the available ones, if several) should be accessible with a single keyboard input, whatever the language.

Jane Austin is not a tag, IMO, #JaneAustin is a tag