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no system tray icon after startup

Boris Monti 7 år siden opdateret af Alex Jenter 6 år siden 4


When I start windows, cintanotes is loaded, but i don't have the system tray icon.

I must restart cintanotes, stop it. and then restart the program to get my icon.

I have the problem at work since a long time (never worked).

It work perfectly at home (windows 10)

Windows 7 64

Options/startup/run at system startup

Options/startup/run minimized

Under vurdering

Thanks for the report! When after startup the icon is not there, but cintanotes.exe is running, do the system-wide hotkeys of CN work? Can you clip notes, for example?

problem resolved: http://www.chantal11.com/2010/07/purger-zone-notification-anciennes-icones-windows-7-vista/

It was not a cintanotes problem. The notification zone of windows was messed up.

Glad to hear! Thanks for letting us know

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