Simplenote adds blank line + "source: evernote.exe" to each note

Bugatzki 6 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 6 years ago 6

Notes have been created by clipping the content of evernote-notes.

Original note content in CintaNotes:


Simplenote content:


Source: evernote.exe"

(Titles are ok.)

I'm on

CintaNotes 3.11 Trial PRO license

Simplenote 1.1.2 Windows and 1.5.7 Android

Windows 7x64

Many thanks in advance!

notes-list error taking/clipping syncing
Under review

Thanks for the report!

What is the contents of the Link field in CintaNotes for these notes?

There is no content. The link field is empty.

I see, thanks! Added to our task list, will be fixed in one of next updates. Thank you.


Thank you very much!


Fixed in 3.12