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Command (while editing): Save + Close + New note

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Command (while editing): Save + Close + New note

Suggestion for keyboard shortcut: Ins (while editing)

editing keyboard
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Thanks for the suggestion!

But of course it can't be a simple Ins key. It is used for editing text. A combination like Ctrl+Shift+Enter maybe?

Yes, sorry, I just rediscovered how the Ins key works (and I'm still wondering, who is using it. On my keyboard it was one of the dirtiest keys until CintaNotes came across).
What about a combination at least including the Ins key? Could be helpful for remembering (as "Ins" means "New Note" in non edit mode).
Actually I don't like discussions about hotkeys, especially as a CintaNotes newbie. Of course it's up to the developer's concept unless it gets userdefinable.

No problem. I think concrete key combination can be discussed later, when there's enough votes cast for this suggestion. And anyhow, we plan to make hotkeys configurable in the future.