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Use selected text as title, tag or remark (while editing)

Bugatzki 6 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 6 years ago 4

Editor commands to copy selected (marked) text and:
a) Use as Title (replace)
b) Use as Remark (add)
c) Use as Tag (add; routine needed to handle spaces)

Further distinctions are possible (copy or cut, replace or add) but maybe would overload the action.

(Bonus: No need for text selection, if the desired object is only one word. Choice would be the word next to cursor.)

editing tags

Why copy and not move?

I'm not sure if I understand it right. If "move" means "cut and paste", concerning remarks, I think you are right. Otherwise in most cases I would like to keep the text. Wouldn't you?

I meant exactly that sometimes you want move, and sometimes - copy. Adding two separate shortcuts seems to be overkill. Does this feature really add that much compared to a simple Copy(Cut)/Paste? It saves just one keystroke.