show only related tags to selected/filtered notes

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cintanote tags is good and slim, but it can only find notes from tags, but not other way around.

in cintanote, each notes have tags shows in the list, but what about couple of notes? how to find out what's the tags assigned of them all?

Usually, I would filter/select some notes, and I'd like to know what's the topics(tags) of them, that's really important to me as I am using cintanote as a interest collection.

currently, I have to copy the filtered/selected notes to another temporally section to find out the tags assigned them.

hope you can make my routine easier and that will give cintanote more effectively handling notes as well. :)


It is already implemented: You can use the Ctrl+BkSp shortcut to quickly select tags of currently selected notes.

thanks to let me know the shortcut ctrl+backspace, 

after tried this shortcut a bit, I think it can implement better and more logical, let me explain it more here:

assume I have selected 2 notes, one has tag 'player', another has 'player' and 'youtube', I expect ctrl+backspace can shows me 'player 2' and 'youtube 1' in tags list (the number besides the tags only related current selected notes), and the 2 selected notes filtered (only show selected notes) on the notes list window

but currently, it works little bit confusion, as ctrl+backspace implement shows 'player ##' 'youtube ##' which ## is represent all the notes have these tags in current section, thus changes the my 2 selection in the note list to all the notes have these 2 tags. // so as you may see in this situation, I lost both selected notes and my expecting in tags. :)

hope my cintanote can have this in better way.