Option for Ctrl-Enter to NOT Minimize CintaNotes Each Time

SoManyNotes 2 months ago 0

I very much appreciate the Ctrl-Enter feature (that copies and pastes a note into the most recent window). But when adding multiple notes to a document it is a hassle and time consuming that Ctrl-Enter minimizes CintaNotes every time, requiring more work to open it again. I am typically using CintaNotes on a large monitor with CintaNotes and my email client (for example) side-by-side, so I do not need CintaNotes to minimize each time. Rather, I wish that Ctrl-Enter would instead just switch to the last-used window (eg, similar to Alt-Tab) without minimizing CintaNotes (and then proceed to paste the note content like it currently does). I realize that for some users the current behavior of minimization is optimal, so my request is for an additional option to control whether or not CintaNotes minimizes on Ctrl-Enter, or just switches focus to the most recent window.

Thank you for considering my request! :)

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