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Tags are really useful but only allowing tags to be one word makes it sometimes a bit more annoying to use.

Posterous has probably the best tag system I've seen where tags are typed in, a list is displayed of matched and if no matches are found a new tag is created... but the tag can be multiple words e.g. 'Cinta Notes'

If I enter that into CintaNotes then I get two tags, one for cinta and one for notes which means I have to select both of those tags to get that one exact message that contains both tags.


A detailed description of the tag system design and a workaround for multi-term tags can be found here:
You can use multi-word tags by inserting a hard space between words (Alt+0160).
Ex: If I wanted to tag "one word," I would type "one Alt+0160 word"
A detailed description of the tag system design and a workaround for multi-term tags can be found here:
The link provided contains one extra character ';' in the token "t;=285".

The feature looks pointless to me. But if it gets popular, here's a possible implementation.

Check out tagging mechanics in CASEapps Tags application for Mac in it's screencast here:


Probably it could be modified for multi-term tags. For example, user types "three word tag", then hits a special key (like ';'), and the words are grouped into a tag, which is renderred in an intuitive single block.

I hope it's obvious I'm not promoting the product, it's just an example of a good implementation.

Hello None None and Nieralyte!

Unfortunately this is how the tag system of CN works. But there's a little trick allowing spaces in the tags. It's using the "hard space" - Alt+0160 on the numeric keypad. It looks like a simple space but it will be not treated as tag separator.


l vote FOR this feature too and here's why:

Not all human notions are one word (social studies, information technology, art therapy etc.). And when I want to use them as tags I expect just that. But instead of 3 tags (as in the example) in CintaNotes I get 6 (social, studies, information, technology, art, therapy). There certainly is some logic to it but it's just NOT ORGANIC (as was stated about CintaNotes on the forum).

You can say that we can use tags like art_therapy or foreign_languages, and that can be a workaround but it's not natural.

There is some technological limitation to using spaces?!..
Thanks for your opinion, Evgeniy! No, there's no technological limitation, just enough votes are needed.
Social_Studies, art_therapy and foreign_languages are a suitable, quick and easy workaround for me and my notes have many tags using this underscore. Time would be better spent on other feature requests in my opinion.
After using CN for a while, this is my number 1 request (even if I have others, not so pressing) for continuing to use it on a regular basis.
I've read the rationale for the initial decision and while I understand it I don't share it (and less as time and more time goes by: applications should strive, IMO, to approach the user POV and become more 'organic' and user-friendly, as time goes by). Workarounds create exceptions in the 'normal' behavior and are just one more hurdle to overcome (and not really solutions).
The "problem" seems based around the input: how to differentiate between different tags? 
There are, as I see it 3 possible solutions:
1 - Initial delimiter (like Twitter uses it -- even f they don't allow spaces either, strangely -- eg. #work #2014)
2 - Final delimiter (as YouTube uses it, allowing the uploader to tag videos with multi-word terms -- by using ,)
3 - A composite of 1 and 2: initial and final delimiter (for instance, "my tags")

My favorite(s): 1 or 2 (3 is overkill and not really needed).

Chim, thanks for your great comment! I think approach #2 is the most sane one. While personally I enjoy being able not to enter comma to separate tags, I also can understand users which would rather do it than separate words in tags with underscore or hypen or camelCase.

Since this issue gets a lot of votes I think this issue will be put into the pipeline quite soon. However there are a few features which are ahead.
For the sake of correctness and completeness, Twitter doesn't use multi-word tags because it's a mixed system (i.e., both tags and regular text are input in the same shared, entry, space). Thus, while the example given to illustrate solution 1 was correct and valid, the qualification used (namely, "strangely") was not.
Plus. That same Twitter scenario is the one where solution 3 makes (perfect)  sense (in order to allow for the use of multi-word tags, that is).


I've also neglected to mention I see great potential in this Application. I would have not ventured making this (or any other) suggestion otherwise.
Thanks for the elaboration, and for the kind words about CN itself!
I wish you all the best in the New Year, I'll try to make this one wish come true ;)
@Chim fair enough. We all have different priorities and preferences. :-)
Oh yes. So very different :) And striving to please everyone is deadly in our business... however this does seem as a greatly demanded feature, and implementing it shouldn't be as hard as e.g. adding spell check or inline todo lists.
Thank you for the kind answers.
Will follow the new developments with added interest.
Under review
Hi Olaf, thanks for the idea!
Please take a look here, this is a very similar idea and already has a lot of votes:

If you don't mind, I'll merge this idea with that one.

Last message was 2 years ago? When it will be implemented?

Best wishes!

Tags: Multi word tags; Implement today!

When it gets to the top of requested features ;) Right now it still falls a bit short.