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Alex Jenter vor 14 Jahren aktualisiert vor 5 Jahren 14
It should be possible to print selected notes right from CintaNotes, without having to export them into a text file first.
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Printing option would be great! There should be a possibility to filter & group what you print (per tag, subjects or similar).

Printing one note per page (like having flash cards) or several.

Also a nice feature would be to mark tag as printed so after several months you want to come back and print your notes, it'll have a date and/or icon says that it was printed (or not).

Hey, Alex, any news on this?
Hi! I must admit it's not in the plans for the nearest future, for the simple reason - there exists an easy workaround with exporting to HTML and then printing, whereas for other features from top-10 no workarounds exist. But after version 3.0 is released, we'll probably move it into the pipeline.
As suggested a while ago it would be nice to have a shortcut for the workaround which would combine the two stops automatically. That is export to the browser and print from there automatically. Technically spoken: export to html and call ShellExecute(print, ....). 
Hi Thomas, yes, this could be a viable option. However I'm not sure that I'll really give the seamless user experience. How about l make a test version a send it to you?
Sure, i will happily run a test :)
Great, thanks a lot!
I'll be away for a short vacation till May 20th, but after that I'll send to you something working.
(Please remind me if I forget).
Hi Alex, here is your reminder! :)
Great, thanks, sent the prototype to you - check your mail!

Six years you took a pause on creating tag specific and general note printing in the software.  Has progress been made on this yet, as the usefulness of the utility to me depends on it.  Thanks 

What do you mean exactly under "tag specific and general note printing"? Why the printing that is currently done not good enough?