Highlight search terms in the note editor

Alex Jenter 13 years ago updated 10 years ago 10
It would be convenient if when we search for something in the main window and then open a note for editing, the search terms were unobtrusively highlighted in the text.
editing searching complexity:medium
Under review
If this is too difficult to implement it would at least be useful if F3 picked up on the search term used to find the relevant notes. Then one could search for all notes with a given term; open one of the notes; and press F3 to jump to the search term within the note.
You can use F3 now in the preview to find the needed location, and only then open the editor. It will open at the needed place. Does this fit the bill?
I couldn't reproduce this at first, but I have worked out that it was because initial focus was set to title rather than text.

What I would really like is to see the search term highlighted on pressing Enter from the title.
Hm, what part does the Title field exactly play here? Why is it important?
As far as i understand this, we are talking about two different things. The first is an issue, that a match needs to be highlighted in the title too. Check my request here: http://roadmap.cintanotes.com/topic/103694-highlight-searched-words-in-notes-title-in-editor/. The second is a request to highlight all matches, while F3 will jump from one to the other match.
Thanks for the clarification, Thomas!
I usually have preview set to nil (0 lines) because I prefer to see more notes in the main window. If I enter a search term a subset of found notes appears with the search term highlighted where it appears in the note title. That is fine, but what I would really like is what Thomas has indicated as his second thing (i.e., that on pressing Enter to open a found note all matches are highlighted, with F3 enabled to jump between the matches).
Thanks for the clarifications!
Ok I'm now changing the status to "Planned". However I unfortunately can't make any promises on the dates, since there are a lot of other features planned which have more votes than this one. Hope you understand!