Ctrl+Del should delete the word right to the cursor

burrum 11 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 7 years ago 17

There are couple standard windows shortcuts with Ctrl for word-level navigation in text editors:

* Ctrl+Left/Right -- jump to previous/next start of a word

* Ctrl+Backspace -- delete back till nearest word start

* Ctrl+Delete -- delete forward till nearest word start

I got used to these, but it appears CN 2.0.1 binds "Delete current note" action to Ctrl+Del. Could we use another shortcut for this action, getting back word deletion function?

P.S. Help says Ctrl+Del "Clears currently selected text of any formatting.", this could be outdated.

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The help is outdated. To remove any formatting use Ctrl+D. Personally i want to keep Ctrl+Del for deleting the note. I use this a lot, whereas deleting the word right from the caret can be deleted by selecting it using Ctrl+Shift+right arrow and press Del at last.

Thanks for Ctrl+D. And good point. But Alt+Del and Shift+Del are still available (I'd vote for the latter), how do you feel about these?

Shift+Del is a standard alternativ for Ctrl+X, cut to the clipboard. Alt+Del ? strange, reminds me to Ctrl+Alt+Del  :(   Personally i want to keep Ctrl+Del. To delete a word you can also double click it with the mouse and press Del again.

Okay, Shift+Del and Alt+Del are not best ideas. But double-click+Del mouse/keyboard combo is not handy either.

I have two arguments for Ctrl+Del:

* Working Ctrl+Backspace and not working Ctrl+Delete is inconsistent

* Ctrl+Delete works in any text field of any Windows program.

I tested WordPad, Delphi, Word Pro and Thunderbird's editor. They all support the key. PsPad-Editor doesn't. I am working with Windows more than 20 years and wasn't aware of that key ;) Ok, you convinced me :) I removed my down-vote. However, i can not give my vote for it, yet. If we would use Ctrl+Del for deleting a word, what other key would we use for deleting the note? There was already a change in this regard a couple of months ago. Btw, Outlook uses Ctrl+D to delete an item. That doesn't make it a standard though. Also Ctrl+D is used to remove formatting. Could Alt+Del really be an alternative?

Don't really use this feature, so I can only see its easier than Ctrl+Shift+Del. Can also consider F1-12 keys.

Generally, keymaps are configurable in many programs. You never know what part of keyboard user is more comfortable with, and he may also use non qwerty layout.

Sane defaults still worth thinking, though.
I use CN many times to temporarily store information. Ctrl+Shift+F12 to create the note. When i need to access it, i use Ctrl+U to easily select untagged notes. I edit and save it using Ctrl+S. When i am done, i delete it inside the editor with Ctrl+Del, which also closes the editor.

The current title makes the proposal sound like a bug.I suggest to rename the title to "Ctrl+Del should delete the word right to the cursor"

Agree. Type shall also be changed from bug. I cannot edit it though.
Personally i find the current implementation convenient. Though, as Burrum suggested a F-Key might be a solution. Some applications use F8 to delete items which is not yet used otherwise. The advantage would be, that the same key could be used for the notes list and the editor as well. Thus unifying the UI and making Ctrl+Del available. 
Closed due to inability to collect 10 votes for more than 2 years.

I think there is more value of consistent and standard behavior on Windows than just a convenience to existing users' habits.

Cinta is positioned as a modern text manager, so it feels natural to expect from its integrated text editor to behave consistently. And of course without any mouse intervention on the way to work with notes.

Without any disrespect, I think it was a mistake to bind CTRL+DEL to note deletion.

Alex, thanks for your comment! I've added this task to the backlog.


Closed due to inability to collect 10 votes during more than 2 years. Sorry. It can be reopened later if another user requests this feature