Selecting text and copying to clipboard right in the notes list

Alex Jenter 13 jaar geleden bijgewerkt door Boris Monti 5 jaar geleden 14 1 dubbel
It should be possible to mark text and copy it to clipboard right in the note's preview
viewing notes-list clipboard complexity:hard


Under review


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same thing for opening a link from the note's preview
Is it possible to edit in notes list?
Jerome, i think you are asking for this feature here In-place note editing
Dear Thomas,
That's right. Thank you! 
Under review

Hi Chris, thanks a lot for the suggestion! It seems that it is a duplicate of this one, please confirm:


Not really sure. I want to click the icon in the system tray and the program pop up and show all of my notes, which most are login info for programs and sites, then be able to highlight the info and copy it. At this point if that is available I don't know how. I have to open the note and then highlight and copy it.

I did however give that post a +1 vote.

That's exactly it, so I'll merge the ideas if you don't mind.

There's also another option: if password is the only text that appears in the note body (everything else is in the title), then you can press Ctrl+C on the note in the list, and password will be copied.

When we try to select a text in a note in the "notes list", we begin a drag&drop.

If we had just a key modifier to change this default behavior, it could to the trick (alt, ctrl, ...)