Is UserEcho slow just for me?

burrum fa 14 anys updated by Alex Jenter fa 14 anys 5
It thinks sometimes a LOT before loading a page.

Am I the only one?

I am looged in via Google's OpenID (in case it matters).
It used to be very slow, but now it's ok at least for me.
If anyone else experiences problems with UE, please upvote and leave comment here! Thanks
UserEcho average Server load time for page generation is 300ms
I've found the bottleneck - my browser tries to load a widged from addthis.com, waits for 20 seconds and fails. Of course no action going on the screen this time.

I don't know in what way it gets broken on the way from addthis server to me (may be my provider, or higher level provider, or whatever), could anybody check please?

Here's a request log I took with great FF plugin HttpFox, you can see the lag in red line:

Sergey, I haven't found how to send you this via email or PM, so I'm posting it here. Hope I don't disclose any of UserEcho mechanisms with this picture :)

UPDATE: I could temporary solve the lag problem by blocking s7.addthis.com in Opera.
thanks for detailed feedback, it's will be good if you check
is problem solved, we thinking about cache addthis js on our CDN
It's ok now, rechecked in HttpFox:


And unbanned addthis in Opera.