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Editing multiple notes in one edit window

Alex Jenter 14 years ago updated 7 months ago 10 1 duplicate
Would it be possible, after double clicking on a note to edit/view the note, and without going back to the note list, to be able to view all the selected notes in this window, one by one, maybe by clicking on an up/down arrow?
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I wished i had that feature many times before. A keyboard shortcut should also be available.

Thats' important imho, also for presenting purposes.

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Thanks a lot for the suggestion! Please note that you don't have to close the note editor to open the next note, you can simply go back to the notes list and double-click the next note to edit it. 

You are right, of course. It is not necessary to close a note first before editing the next one. And for a small(-ish) number of notes that works perfectly well.

My suggestion comes from the time where I had to manually edit a larger list of notes, one after another. That's where it would be invaluable to be able to work through each note quickly, without having to switch back and forth between the list and the editor.

But now that gives me an idea for a workaround: I could export a list to an XML file, edit the note contents with a text/XML editor and then re-import it. I have not tried this but the XML import feature works very well, so should be ok.

Yes, it looks very similar but with slightly different wording to describe (more or less) the same thing - a direct and quick method to view/edit notes from a list.

Ok then I will merge this request into that one, this way you'll get a lot of votes :)

Now that there has been fresh movement with the surprise release of CN 3.14 (congrats by the way), is this being considered for v4.0? It would be a real time saver.

Hi, thanks) For 4.0 this is not considered I'm afraid, maybe for later.

Could you please elaborate a bit about your use case, maybe smth like "inline note editing" could be a good enough replacement.