CintaNotes application for Linux/Unix

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CN could use Snap to reach out to most popular Linux platforms.


Btw, i know this thread is pretty old, just figure it was better to stay on same theme.

Even better yet, Flatpak!

Good to hear this is now part of "planned" efforts! :)

This thread is 10 years old and counting, but hope never dies ;)


It's funny 'cause i had an email sayin' a Linux project was "planned".

Was it on another thread?

Anyhow, an apk is always best.

Still hoping! ;)

Yeah, since we're migrating CN to Qt, it will become cross-plaform eventually. But not very soon, there are still modules that are Windows-specific and it will take time to replace them.

That is good news Alex!

It will surely be a solid product when it makes the day.

Testing Ubuntu MATE since yesterday and it makes my 10 year old HP laptop just like new.

With latest Windows 10 May update full of breaking elements, think i'll switch now to Linux while still ahead.

Nice! Maybe I'll switch as well sometime. But for now, I'm only using Linux in VMs)

Hi Alex, Linux in a VM on Win...hmmh, that it is kind of funny. The other way around (Win in a VM on Linux) would come to my mind as the more obvious choice as long as you don't have to operate a document scanner.

Well I guess that depends on what system is your "first" ;) I definetely feel more at home on Windows, but I have a lot of respect for people who use Linux as a primary system.

Not so much on 'first use' but more on stability and low HW resource overhead usage. Anyways, if it is working, it is fine ;-)

There are a few things that still irk me on Linux.

Incompatibility with scanners, printers for one.

Monitors are never as good as on Windows.

And other issues...

Still, Linux distros are usually more secure and app. load alot faster.

Curiosity is my killer disease, 'cause I always like to see what the latest have to offer and compare it to Windows.

Hi. Until version 1.1C I can use CintaNotes on Ubuntu running under wine with very few issues. But updating to version 1.4 this great tool almost doesn't work for me.

If there is no Linux version on the way, is it possible to keep it running under Wine?

Hi and sorry for the late reply. Well as you know Wine is not officially supported, although I find it unfortunate that CN doesn't run with it anymore. Could you tell me the details about the problem, what is not working?
Installing Ubuntu and debugging this issue would be a kind of task that I'm afraid exceeds my humble abilities at the moment. But we can get lucky if the error messages are telling and the problem is easy to spot and fix. Thanks in advance.

I have no problem running the program and viewing my notes. Adding and editing notes is the real problem. I can add a note title, tags, and link, but in order to add the note itself, I have to copy and paste from another application. For some reason, I can't type my note directly.
Have you tried turning off the automatic link highlighting?
Hi Alex,

I've tried  and the problem persits. Keyboard input is disabled in the note content. I don't know if you have time to solve it. Meanwhile I'll come back to 1.1.

Hi Ananda and Alex,

The problems reported by Ananda are exactly the same that I'm having with the lastest versions of CintaNotes. No error messages at all.

I'll try to turn off the automatic links and see what happens. I'll post my results here.

I've noticed that if you paste in text, just as you describe Ananda, that'll work fine. But also, if you paste in 26 characters, then delete those 26 characters, then you'll be able to type 26 new characters before typing does not add new characters. Keyboard input still seems to work, as I can still Ctrl+V to paste again without problems. I've also noticed that hotkeys in CintaNotes no longer work and I tried a wide variety of hotkeys. I'm using version 1.4.1. Hopefully this helps in the debugging process!

If there's anything else I can do - further testing or bouncing ideas around, please let me know. I really love CintaNotes and will happily do what I can to make it even better.
I've registered this as a separate issue here:

If there are a lot of votes for this issue, I'll go through installing and getting to know Ubuntu and Wine to debug this.
Ever got a change to look at this? I promise I'll buy this lil' gem of a software if it works on Linux. I recently moved to Linux Mint. Opening notes in your latest version with Wine cracks its engine (Wine's).

Unfortunately not yet, just look how many requests there are above this.. sorry!

Features are less important than grabbing a whole new community by its throat. Just kidding (or am I?). Keep up the good work.

Missing CN on Linux. Looking forward to this one! In the meantime I'll have to use wine or VM.
Burrum, really glad to see that you're still with us! :))

I love this application and would love to purchase again. However there is one reason for me I'm not going to anymore, I need CintaNotes to work on Linux. I've switched to Linux at home and work will be switching to Linux as well so I will no longer have the option to use CintaNotes at it's present state. I hope soon it will be possible to have a Linux edition of CintaNotes. Not that it's ideal but heck I would be happy for now to have CintaNotes work in Wine. BTW, Linux I'm referring to Debian if that is of any help. At work it may be Arch Linux but if it works on Debian it should work just fine on Arch.

Keep up the great work Alex!

Hello Foobar, thanks a lot for your comment! Really sorry to see you go. I hope that sometime I'll be able to port CN to Linux. I'll definitely keep it on the todo list. The problem is, this list is already way too long :)

Yes, I understand that doing what you are doing can be very overwhelming. I'll keep watching just in case CN makes it's way over :-).