Add text formatting toolbar in note editor

jerzyha 13 years ago updated by Cassandra D. Everhart 4 years ago 10

editing complexity:medium text-formatting



bulleted list, bold and italic would be super nice and more than enough

Well - I like formatting, but I also like the slim editor-window!
So please realize this to be optional (Options > Editor > Toolbar on/off)

Sure, the toolbar will be hidable!

Looking forward to this!

is there a release date?

would be good if we could choose which buttons - even if it was using the settings file. e.g.

editor.toolbar.buttons=bold|italic|separator|indent|outdent|separator|copy note link

Duly noted, thanks!

I'd love to also see a couple of heading shortcuts, so I can separate sections of a note more effectively by subheads. A heading would be bold and slightly larger than the body text.