Shortcut (and/or context menu item) to insert current date- and timestamp into note's text or title

Leroy Williams 14 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 12 years ago 13
I Would like to easily 'paste' Date & Time Stamp onto Heading of Docs, Articles the I copy from CN library and Email to others. Being able to add current date into heading of newly copied article would save much time.
editing date-time complexity:medium


Completed in V1.8


CN automatically timestamps notes with their creation date and time. Why is this not enough?
Sometimes i edit notes in a chronological way. I add new text and e.g. add text "Update as of 03.02.2011". I could insert a new note instead and combine/link the notes together, but that sometimes would be overkill.
We are not talking about the time of the note's creation. The functionality I seek is this:
Dec 5 2010, 16:43:04 - Did something.
Dec 5 2010, 16:47:39 - Did something else.

For how I use CintaNotes, this would be of great value.
I see. Have you considered using software like AutoHotKey which will insert current timestamp on a hotkey in any text editor and not just CN?
Ugh, I have 'One More App Aversion.' Yes, AutoHotKey does it alright.
15 November 2010

The example of the suggested 'date/timestamp'feature provided by Alex is exactly what I was requesting as part of a future upgrade. For my purpose, I send many of the articles that I copy into CintaNotes by 'Cutting&Pasting' them into other programs or media, i.e., eMails. I would benefit greatly by being able to paste current date/time into heading of each copied article. A further example is shown below:
"CinaNotes (Overview)

20 September 2010

A free, lightweight and user-friendly personal notes manager
CintaNotes is your essential assistant in the daily task of organizing information, such as your own thoughts and ideas, article excerpts, blog postings, quotes from famous people, research data, curious facts, Wikipedia entries, you name it.
This above was a sample of text/articles sent to several friends in my effort to promote the CinaNotes program.

Thanks again for your consideration.
Well, out of a need for the requested feature, I followed your 'advice' for creating a short-cut method for date-stamping each of the entries that I copy/create in CintaNotes. Wow! It'll take me a while to recover from the 'shellacking' that that program put on me. For me I think that learning hieroglyphics would be easier - if I had a desire or need to learn hieroglyphics. So, rather than continue a 'teta-tee' I will simply request that, as your schedule permits, that some future consideration be given to enabling a date-stamp entry for the copied files.
Oh, sorry. I forgot to specify that the referenced program that I was unable to configure was 'AutoHotKey'.
I got it installed and configured for date and time in ten minutes or so (not bragging or anything).
11/18/10 11:29:40AM once,
11/18/10 11:29:43AM twice,
11/18/10 11:29:55AM once more...

The problem now, and what I feared for as long as I have known about AutoHotKey is stopping the tinkering it inspires. This is very capable software.
In addition to AutoHotkey I can recommend a program called 'HotkeyP' which can do much more than only paste date, time or whatever you want.
Like AutoHotkey the shortcut can be global (work in every program - not just CintaNotes) but it is very easy to configure.
Completed in V1.8


I noticed that my Comment neglected to list reason for my 'Thanks'. Hopefully this 'comment addition' will serve to ID and clarify reason for 'Thanks': 

In My original/revised comment (posted earlier this year) I stated: "I Would like to easily 'paste' Date & Time Stamp onto Heading of Docs, Articles that I copy from CintaNotes library and Email to others. Being able to add current date into heading of newly copied article would save (me) much time." Alex responded that consideration would be given to the request and I found that, true to his words, this feature was 'Completed in V1.8". I easily located feature and am now using it in the manner that suits my particular purpose. Hopefully others will also find this feature of benefit in their efforts. So, my sincere 'Thanks' to Alex for listening and responding. 

I too enjoy the new feature a lot. F5 is a great time saver! It's just so convenient :)