Add shortcut for Link field

Thomas Lohrum 11 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 11 years ago 15
Right now there is F7 to open the link stored in the Link-Field. However, there is no shortcut to jump to the field to be able to edit it. I suggest to add a shortcut for this.

editing complexity:trivial

Ctrl+Arrow-down is used to focus "tags". Ctrl+Shift+Arrow-down is used to select a paragraph. Maybe Ctrl+Alt+Arrow-down could be used.

Another option would be to use Alt+L, I think.

The key i'd like most is Ctrl+Shift+Arrow-down, because this correlates with the Ctrl+Arrow-down-key for tags. Unfortunately it is already in use. Alt+L is easy to use, but is fixed with the term "Link". I look to the future though, waiting for the Link field to turn into the more generalized Remark-field. How about Alt+Arrow-down?

Though Alt+L is fixed to the term "link" it is actually handy to use.

Right now actually Ctrl+Down, Down can be used :)

Alt+Arrow down is a good idea, too!

Quote: Right now actually Ctrl+Down, Down can be used :) I know. It's actually the workaround i use. Btw., when using Ctrl+Down the caret gets to the end of the tags, which makes sense for adding new tags. However, i think it would also make sense for Ctrl+Up and possiblly Alt+Down, because, when i use Ctrl+Up right now, i always have to look for the caret. Contrary when using up-arrow to move from the text to the title it is ok to set the caret to the last known position.

So, to recap, I'm adding the following tasks:

- Editor: Move the focus to the Link field (and the caret to the end) on Alt+Down

- Editor: Move the caret to the end of the Title field on Ctrl+Up

Is that correct?

...in 2.2 beta 1. Thanks Alex, wonderful.

No problem, if only all ideas were that easy to implement ;)

I've just noticed that Alt+Down breaks the standard key for opening a combo-box. This currently affects the section-selector. The workaround is to either use F4 (which is a standard) or to use Shift+F6 (which is the shortcut for the selector).

That's a pity. Of course we could have made an exception for this field, but this would introduce another subtlety what I'd prefer to avoid.

Probably replacing Alt+Down with Alt+L is still a better solution, what do you think?

Quote: Probably replacing Alt+Down with Alt+L is still a better solution, what do you think?

Ok, let's do that. Use Alt+L as a shortcut for the link-field.

Ok, will be done in the next version!)