Add shortcut for Link field

Thomas Lohrum 10 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 9 years ago 15
Right now there is F7 to open the link stored in the Link-Field. However, there is no shortcut to jump to the field to be able to edit it. I suggest to add a shortcut for this.

editing complexity:trivial

Ctrl+Arrow-down is used to focus "tags". Ctrl+Shift+Arrow-down is used to select a paragraph. Maybe Ctrl+Alt+Arrow-down could be used.

Another option would be to use Alt+L, I think.

The key i'd like most is Ctrl+Shift+Arrow-down, because this correlates with the Ctrl+Arrow-down-key for tags. Unfortunately it is already in use. Alt+L is easy to use, but is fixed with the term "Link". I look to the future though, waiting for the Link field to turn into the more generalized Remark-field. How about Alt+Arrow-down?

Though Alt+L is fixed to the term "link" it is actually handy to use.

Right now actually Ctrl+Down, Down can be used :)

Alt+Arrow down is a good idea, too!

Quote: Right now actually Ctrl+Down, Down can be used :) I know. It's actually the workaround i use. Btw., when using Ctrl+Down the caret gets to the end of the tags, which makes sense for adding new tags. However, i think it would also make sense for Ctrl+Up and possiblly Alt+Down, because, when i use Ctrl+Up right now, i always have to look for the caret. Contrary when using up-arrow to move from the text to the title it is ok to set the caret to the last known position.

So, to recap, I'm adding the following tasks:

- Editor: Move the focus to the Link field (and the caret to the end) on Alt+Down

- Editor: Move the caret to the end of the Title field on Ctrl+Up

Is that correct?

...in 2.2 beta 1. Thanks Alex, wonderful.

No problem, if only all ideas were that easy to implement ;)

I've just noticed that Alt+Down breaks the standard key for opening a combo-box. This currently affects the section-selector. The workaround is to either use F4 (which is a standard) or to use Shift+F6 (which is the shortcut for the selector).

That's a pity. Of course we could have made an exception for this field, but this would introduce another subtlety what I'd prefer to avoid.

Probably replacing Alt+Down with Alt+L is still a better solution, what do you think?

Quote: Probably replacing Alt+Down with Alt+L is still a better solution, what do you think?

Ok, let's do that. Use Alt+L as a shortcut for the link-field.

Ok, will be done in the next version!)