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add "New search" to reset search filter

Thomas Lohrum 10 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 10 years ago 11
A function should be added to reset all search filters to prepare a new search.
The feature is available with CintaNotes 2.5 by setting filters.reset.onctrlf.enabled = 1 and pressing Ctrl+F in the UI. My suggestion is to make this a natural enhancement, not requiring to tweak any setting. A menu item and a shortcut should be assigned. Currently Ctrl+N is used to create a new note, it could be used to prepare a new search, since pressing INS will also create a new note.
Hint: Ctrl+F sets the focus to the search box, regardless of the above setting. The TAB key also moves the focus.
Shift+Ctrl+F could be added to do a global search. In other words, include all sections to the search scope. Same as pressing Ctrl+Shift+Space when one or a few sections are selected. In case the search scope is "ALL" already, Shift+Ctrl+F should be handled same as Ctrl+F.
Actually I'm already thinking of doing global search by default.
Would appreciate your thoughts on this here
Let us define what a global search is. A global search does include all sections. Thus it is the same as searching in "All". I don't think i want a global search, when i have a section selected and press Ctrl+F. In that case i would need to click the section again, if i want to keep my section selection. As for the thread in the forum, please read my anwser there. Also be aware, that the thread is about global search options (SIW, SAF, sort order).
The section selection will stay. Under "Global search" I mean that search in all sections would be synchronized, so that when you switch to another section, the contents of the search box won't change.
ok, sounds fine with me.
What should do all the people who are used to Ctrl+N for creating new notes? Many even don't have Ins key on the keyboard, like Mac users..
Under review
Thomas, thanks for suggestion, but could you please re-formulate the idea's title? "New search" is very unclear. The people should be able to read the title and decide to vote.
I suggest something like "GUI option to reset all search filters on new search" or "Make resetting filters on new search the default behavior". Thanks!
Personally the existing features work fine to me. The suggestion is to make the feature available to users, who want to use the UI only, rather than having an ini-file setting. As said, i am fine with the feature. Regarding your concerns it would be another option to make the setting available in the UI. However, my guess is, only a few people are aware they can use the TAB key to focus the search box while keeping the filter, in case Ctrl+F uses automatic clear feature.
I always use Ctrl-N for a new note since it's always located in the same place on each keyboard.  The Ins key is different on each laptop and keyboard I use (even between two different HP laptops) and I always have to look for it.