Tag selection bar

Alex Jenter 13 years ago updated 12 years ago 7
When a tag selection is active, CN should display a bar on top, just above the notes list, diplaying the current tag
selection and allowing you to view all related tags and easily add/remove them from selection.
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Under review
Chris, thanks for the suggestion!
Please take a look here - I think that's exactly what you want?
That may do - I would really need to see a mock-up of it first though. At the moment, the tag that you have selected is itself highlighted, and it sounds like the other idea is simply to move that tag to the top of the tag list. I think that i. I would still have the same problem, and ii. The tag suddenly being out of alphabetical order would bug the hell out of me (I am very sensitive to visual disturbances).
Note quite. I'm afraid producing a full-fledged mockup would be too time consuming for now, so I'll try to explain. The tag selection bar will appear directly above the notes list, below the search box (not on the tag sidebar). It will include selected tags, and when you hover the mouse you'll be able to remove tags from selection simply via clicking on "X" icon that appears on tag hover. Also there'll be a big "X" to cancel the tag filter altogether.
Hope this is easy to imagine )
Oh, ok - I think I understand what you mean now. Yes, that will probably do what I want. I have added my vote to the other wish.
Ok great. I'll merge this issue and that one to unify votes - this way this will get implemented sooner