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DropBox sync fails (file busy)

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files syncing


Not a bug
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I'm having trouble reproducing this situation, so I kindly ask all the upvoters to provide additional information:
1) Does the "busy" tooltip stay even after 1 minute of CN being idle?
2) OS version, CN version, Dropbox version?
3) How often this happens?
4) Does CN run all the time in background on all PCs?
5) Does restarting CN help?
6) (Advanced) Does Process Explorer show cintanotes.db locked by cintanotes.exe? (see here how to check: http://cintanotes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=607&p=2999)

This issue is reproducible on my home/work machine. The both machines are online all time and when I come home, Dropbox can't sync cintanotes.db.
1) Yes, it does.
2) Windows 7, CintaNotes 1.3, Dropbox 1.0.10
3) Often. Almost every day.
4) Yes, it does.
5) Yes, it does.
6) Yes. Please look into the following screenshots:
Andrei, thanks a lot for this information! I'm still trying to reproduce the issue and most probably there will be no changes regarding it in the 1.4 release which will come out this week. But after that I'll look at the issue more closely.
It also would help if you could specify whether your Win7 is 32 or 64bit. Thanks!
Does anyone still have this issue?
Not a bug
Closing as non reproducible