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Better Visual Indicator for Remaining Tags when One Tag is Selected

Chris Moore 10 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 10 years ago 8
When you select a tag in a notebook, any remaining tags have their colour change to grey or light blue, depending on whether they are related to the selected tag or not (tags are made grey if they have no relation, tags are made light blue if they are related). This is very subtle - in fact, the light blue is too subtle for my eyes to easily distinguish, so I would like a better visual indicator of tags that you can further select to filter your notes list.

Maybe an option to set your own colours would be the simplest thing? That way, I could set that colour to something that stands out - bright red or something.
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Under review
Hi Chris, thanks for the suggestion! This is a useful one.
However, there's already a workaround for this. Please take a look at the following setting:
Set it to 2 or 3, for example, and see the relevance visual indicators appear to the left of the tag names.
Hm, that's an improvement, but it still isn't quite visible enough for me as the markers are the same colour as the tags and the notebook (ie blue). Instead of a colour system, what about removing all other tags that aren't related when you select a tag?
Have you tried right-clicking in the tag sidebar and selecting "Only related tags"?
Hm, that does do what I want - but then, the name of it indicates that it is always active, and thus, with 'all' selected, the only tags that would show would be tags with at least one entry, true? Ideally I don't want that part to change (ie when I have 'all' selected) - only what happens when I actually select a tag.
Actually, 'only related' does not seem to affect the tag sidebar when 'all' is selected (I just don't want it to hide tags when 'all' is selected), so this may do. The option does change the colour of the tag sidebar for some unknown reason, but I can probably live with that, even though the colour it changes it to is really ugly (it is a muddy sort of blue colour).
You can try another color theme from the View menu. It influences the color of the tag sidebar and search filter backgrounds (but also the main icon color, so probably you should try "Cyan")
Ah, yes - Cyan doesn't look too bad at all when filtered like that. I think this will do :)