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Archiving old notes

Alex Jenter 14 years ago updated 9 years ago 11
There should be an option to have all notes older than some configurable time period be automatically moved into a separate notebook file.
organizing complexity:medium
Under review
Either archive by time period and/or manually via an interface that would allow archiving groups of notes with some filters:
  - older then
  -Match x tag(s)
  -Match x text

Also manual archive of selected notes would be great

This feature is important, some notes are old and need to be out of the way
2 Tatoosh: Have you tried Alt-clicking this tag?
Thats cool. Thanks for your fast reply. Are there more of this hints? Is there a FAQ for that tricks ?
Under review
I'd prefer the manual archiving option; At the moment I am using the Recycle Bin as my unofficial archive - I'm just not ticking the maximum number or delete after boxes. I don't want these notes to show up in normal searches or when I browse my notebook..I just want them to be retrievable..otherwise there's the Recycle Bin WITH both boxes ticked.
Thanks for the comment! Intersting use of the recycle bin. Well for manual archiving you already can simply create a separate section, and move notes there with Shift+F6.
That's true, Alex, but it's another section which can add clutter to how I work. Yet having another section would not interfere with search results as search is done per section, there is no global search, so maybe it would work after all. Hmmm....
Please check my suggestion here: Global tag filter. The advantage is, that there is no need to move a note to any other place. Simply hide it when needed.
Very little clutter, esp. if you don't have other sections and hide section bar. You'll become to see this section only when you press Shift+F6 or when you make section bar visible.