Ability to configure note fonts on per-section level

Alex Jenter 9 years ago updated 7 years ago 2
By MisterB:
"I've been using CintaNotes for only a while, so if this is already achievable with existing settings, then please enlighten me. I have searched around (here, Help, FAQ) but didn't come up with anything beyond the manual approach (each and every time).

Basically, what I have are two different types of notes: code (in my Code section) and non-code (in every other section). I'd like the default note text for Code to be monospace; I'd like the default note text for other sections to be different and proportional (what they already are essentially). For now, when I create a note in Code, I just Ctrl+A and Ctrl+M, which is fine--I guess, but having it default to monospace would be less "tedious".

Perhaps, a better method(?) would be to simply make it an option per section to enable Ctrl+M by default instead of having all of Notes List Options be "sectional", but you tell me."
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