Modified sort order broken after import (1.5.4)

burrum 11 year бұрын updated by Alex Jenter 11 year бұрын 0

I have a .db file from CN 1.5.3. If I put it into 1.5.4 directory (I use portable version), and run CN, Modified and Created sort modes display the same note order, both straight and reversed. This looks correct, since there was no "last modified" information in 1.5.3's .db, and the sorting uses creation date in absense of last modified date.

However, if I make a clean 1.5.4 portable installation (no .db), run CN and import a .db from 1.5.3, Modified sort will always show the same note order, with or without reverse enabled. This order is equal to Creation straight order.

The same behavior is present if I import an xml dump of 1.5.3's .db into a clean 1.5.4 CN.

I think the problem is somewhere in the import logic, it is probably consuming items in some order from the source, and sets wrong last modified date. Just a guess.

I suggest the correct behavior is when Modified sorting uses creation date if modified date is absent, in any conditions.

Unfortunately I cannot attach files here, so I'll send a .zip with captured .db files in various scenarios to feedback a|t cintanotes d0t com.
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Fixed in 1.5.5