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Remembering of tag scroll positition in "only related tags" view

Alex Jenter 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 1

I thought CN used to actually behave like this, but I may be mistaken. It would be nice to have an option to not have the tag list automatically scroll once you click the 'All' or 'Untagged' entry.

Situation is you have a large tag list (longer than one page), and you have scrolled say halfway down the list and clicked a tag. You then want to show all tags again, so you click 'All', and CN will scroll the tag list right back up to the top - which is pretty annoying if you want to move to the next tag in the list after the one you had selected previously (ie you have to scroll all the way back down the list again). I have 'Only Related Tags' enabled by the way.

If CN could not scroll the tag list back to the beginning when you click 'All' or 'Untagged', that would be great (I would be happy for the option to be disabled by default, ie current behaviour is the default unless you change it).


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