Basic semantic search via synonym definition

mohanarun 12 years ago updated by Christof Deininger 9 years ago 8
Here's a use case for semantic search:

I have a note filed as "Create google+ page for business"
In the search field I had entered "Create google + page "
so this note didnt appear in the results.

Another note filed as "How to build business presence on google plus" so this note also didnt appear in the results.
Other possible ways in which the keyword 'google+' can be entered, as I could think of, are:
google plus

I have an idea: do you think there could be a 'special note'
allowed to be created, with dot commands to mimick semantic search in sqlite FTS3?
For example a note that with the special title ";;Config" could be a special note
and in it user can enter commands
beginning with dot (wordstar-style dot commands) to differentiate from regular note.

To define synonyms for search
."google plus" OR "google+" OR "gplus" OR "google +"
;;comment-in the future, when the user searches for any of the terms in the list CN will treat it as though the term has been OR'red with any of the other terms
;;if your search term uses the word 'gplus' (example searching for 'gplus for business') the results will also include notes with the term 'google +'

Do you think this is sensible idea,
or do I have to search for each term ('google plus', 'google+' 'gplus') once individually for each term,
and use the tag field to 'weave' the notes together with the same tag - but then I get an extra tag which will always
occupy space in the 'Tags' list which doesnt visually appeal to me...
My list of tags is lean and minimal in number,as minimal in number as possible and I want to avoid
creating unnecessary tags...

searching organizing configuring


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Here's another use case:
If there are notes titled:

"Getting PR for your startup"
"Getting publicity for your startup"
"Getting press for your new business"
"How to get PR coverage for your startup"
"Generating buzz about your business"
are the same thing.
These notes could be tagged with the same tag, to 'group' them
but it would create an extra tag visible in the "tags" sidebar.
To avoid this we can either link them together (In-Links) in the body text of the note, or we can define semantic 'sameness' in config file as above.

Readers please also refer, my other post
about "Linking between notes" (In-links)
which is another way of addressing the problem (absence of semantic FTS3 search in sqliate)

i find it strange that Mohanarun's request gets forwarded. I understand it is a duplicate request, posted long before. Usually the way to handle this, is to mark the later request as "duplicate" and add a (forward) reference to the first request. That way Mohanaruns original posting could have been preserved with a meaning of its own.

I just used the duplicate mechanism which is built-in in UserEcho. Mohanarun's request is there in the original form under "duplicates".
Thanks Alex for giving me a hint on this. I did not see that tiny "duplicate" link. :)
Hi Mohanarun,

that's an interesting idea. Independet from actually introducing such a feature i think the way to go is to use a tag! That is the most efficient way of organizing notes. It will also deliver best performance in concerns of search speed. As for the number of tags increasing i share your feeling. When i started with CN i tried to use as less tags as possible. 14 months later i gave up ;) I still try to avoid unnecessary tags. That is i try to use unique tags only. I could not find a way to keep the tags list to a minimum. Maybe "tag grouping" will help to better organize tags. These will be introduced in 1.6, if Alex can finish the task in time. As for your search queries i recommend to install current beta 2 of version 1.6. It is stable and fixes a number of issues related to the search.

Thanks Thomas, I did check cintanotes' twitter stream for a link to download beta 2 of version 1.6
Closed due to inability to collect 10 votes for more than 2 years.