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Addon Support

Angga G. Pratama il y a 14 ans mis à jour par Alex Jenter il y a 14 ans 6
Would be great to extend the functionality of CN through Addon or Plugin (or whatever they're called), while keeping the base application small.

First thing comes to my mind is plugin for code/syntax highlighting. CN would be great for storing code snippets too. Different language as different plugin for example.
other complexity:hard
À l'étude
If this wasn't mentioned in the stage of architecture planning, some huge changes may be required to implement this.
Yes, I also noticed that Alex has marked it as "Complexity:Hard". But someone had to mention this idea right? :)
Of course, that's what UserEcho is for (as I see it). We dump all our ideas here, and those ones who survive all critics, discussions and planning, and most important, get approved by creator, will make it to the release.

This is the hard one, because there's a huge difference between making narrowly specialized application, and building a super-extensive framework to support various replacable components on any layer of the system.

For example, look Miranda IM. You can customize anything, but the price is - it's not easy for a beginner.
Yup. I can not disagree with you. Anyway, I'd rather use Digsby than use Miranda. But still, code highlighting in CN would be super cool.. :D
Good idea, I use this application as a repository of small pieces of code.
and as a developer, I would welcome an opportunity to add the functionality I needed:)