Keyboard shortcuts to manipulate current tag selection from the search box

ChrisCN il y a 8 ans mis à jour par Alex Jenter il y a 7 ans 5
The idea is to have the same possibiliy as ctrl+click, shift+click and alt+click on the tag list as a keyboard shortcut using the search box.

The way this could work is:
 - type the name of the tag into the search box (autocomplete helps here)
 - hit CTRL+Enter (or SHIFT+Enter or ALT+Enter) to simulate the corresponding click on this tag
Every CTRL/SHIFT/ALT+Enter should NOT clear the current tag/text filter but add the tag to the filter like sequent clicks do.

This is a (hopefully) more straightforward reformulation of this request:
tag-sidebar searching complexity:easy


À l'étude


Release in 1.8.5

The more I think about this 'workaround' the more I like it. At the moment I am even prefering it to my inital request "Mixed tag-text search (it should make no difference whether a search phrase is part of a title/text or a tag)"

First of all this solution is much more flexible because one can also use SHIFT or ALT (e.g. to  exclude specific tags). And second it should not have such a negativ performace impact.

Which request do you like more?
This is not a question of liking the one or the other more. This request is a natural enhancement and should come really handy. Your first request has Its own qualification and is partly implemented in v1.6.
Imo your request for "mixed tag-text search" should be implemented regardless of this request here. You already quoted it best when saying "at the moment it is a crucial decision whether to put a 'keyword' only in the tags or use it in the title/text of a note."
Now that's much clearer, thanks Chris!
Just as a reminder - discussed here:
We should not forget to
enable tag suggestions in the search box even if the search is limited to title, text and so on.

Release in 1.8.5