Keyboard shortcuts for text formatting should behave standardly, i.e. not toggle the formatting of the current paragraph

Curtis 11 year бұрын updated by Alex Jenter 10 year бұрын 6

Currently, if one wants to use a keyboard shortcut to bold, underline, or italicize only a particular word in a sentence or paragraph, one must highlight that word and then use the keyboard shortcut. That is, one cannot type several word of unformatted text and then use the keyboard shortcut to toggle the formatting and then use it again to toggle it off. This is because the initial toggle applies to the whole paragraph unit and the final toggle removes all the formatting from that first toggle. This is very non-standard and slows down typing. I know of no other program that behaves this way. I suspect that this is only a bug.

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Released in 2.4

Good suggestion! Since now we don't have a formatting toolbar, there's nowhere to display the current status of formatting states like "bold", "italic" and "underline".

The same applies for the marker (Ctrl+H).

This is a serious issue. Not for stability, of course, but surely for usability. I was about to report this bug when I found it posted already. Is it a bug or an absent feature?

When you list the items in roadmap.cintanotes.com you'll see it is registered as a bug. Thomas


Alex, thank you for fixing that. But I have to confess I expected the standard text formatting behavior to be implemented. What happens now is that one can select a word or some text and then apply bold or italics to it. But the standard behavior still doesn't work: in Word, Libre/OpenOffice and even this User Echo comment form one can type ctrl+b to turn bold on, affecting whatever gets typed afterwards, then type it again to turn it off. The same with ctrl+i, turning italics on, even combining it other attributes, and switching them off whenever one wants. Can this behavior be implemented in CintaNotes?

Yes, you're right. I've scheduled it for CN 2.5