Add "Keywords"("Remarks", "Comments") field to the notes

Alex Jenter 12 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 10
In many of my notes i add keywords to the first line of the text. I use them as a meaning to find notes more easy.


Title: CintaNotes - great tool for taking notes

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I use tags to categorize notes. Tags have a generic meaning and can be applied to many notes. Keywords can relate to the circumstances of why i created the note. Keywords might be used for one single note only. Keywords can be different words having the same meaning.

I would like to have keywords as an extra field, that could be placed between tags and link in the note editor.

searching complexity:medium
Under review
Under review
@Thomas: I find that suggestion interesting because I think I am using CintaNotes in a similar way (at the moment I assure that what you call 'keywords' occur at least in the title and/or in the text).

In the forum discussion you don't mention why you don't want to add the keywords as tags (with a special prefix). So I wonder what additional value you expect from an extra field (putting the keywords into the title and/or text is working fine - at least for me).

The benefits I could think of only appear with additional features added around this request - like:
 - the option to limit the search to the keywords (already mentioned in the forum)
 - show a list of keywords (similar to the tag list on the left) - maybe on the right side
 - ...

I know why I don't put the keywords into the tag list. My reason is, because I can't do a search for the tags like I can do it for the words in the title/text (see my request here: http://roadmap.cintanotes.com/topic/90864-mixed-tag-text-search-it-should-make-no-difference-whether-a-search-phrase-is-part-of-a-titletext-or-a-tag/ ).

If you don't want to mess up your list of tags - maybe another feature request like "hiding tags from the list if they start with a certain character" could help - just brainstorming?

I am really interested in this discussion because at the moment I can't decide if I would like this feature or won't use it.


with the additional request to have a search option that limits the search to 'the title AND the new keword' field I vote for that feature ;-)

(reason can be found here: forum )
I advise against this, since I feel it would visually clutter CintaNotes extremely slimlined interface, an identifier aspect of the utility. Hashtags (#tag or similar could be effectively used to substitute this).

Remarks allow a distinction between search and tag-categorization. You can add a search-word to the remarks, e.g. "CintaNotes" to allow to search for that word. However, i might not want to add "CintaNotes" as a tag to that specific note. Why? Because, the advantage of tags is, that it is especially useful to group notes, that belong together.