Collaboration: support for multiple users working with same shared notes database

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I would like to be able to syncronize a database with an offine copy

Suppose you have several PCs connected to a lan, every user having access to a common notes database. Now a user copies this database to his notebook and leaves.
While he is away, he makes some new notes and edits some existing notes, the person working on the LAN do the same.
When he returns, it should be possilbe to sync the two versions of the database:

New notes should be copied to the other database
Notes that have been edited on one database should be updated on the other database
Notes that have been deleted in one database should be deleted in the other database, except if they have been updated there - in that case the updated note should be copied to the database where the original note has been deleted
notes that have been edited on both databases should be, according to sync configuration:
merged in both databases or copied in both versions to both databases, and tagged with a special tag (like "duplicate" or "merged"), so the user can mnually resolve the sync conflict
either the LAN database or the local database takes precedence and the other copy is overwritten and maybe copied to a sync conflict logfile, which could even have the same format as a notes database.

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Does the new dropbox support fulfil this request?
Not quite, because of possible conflicts.
But I guess it can be usable if notes are rarely modified.
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I have been using CintaNotes for about a year now. Using CintaNotes 2.6, I was able to put the .db file on a network and access it from multiple computers. I've recently purchased the pro lifetime updates because of how useful I find this tool. However I have upgraded to Cintanotes 2.9 and somehow the datebase file has changed, and I can no longer have multiple instances of Cintanotes accessing a single database file. I've looked hard to find a workaround or solution, I am not able to use dropbox as our LAN is in an offline environment. I have attempted to use sync programs to sync the cintanotes.db file from computer to computer but the sync program seems to create a lock on the database file and then Cintanotes can not access the file.

This seems to be a related post however its 5 years old. I don't want to create a new entry in the forums since this is already in your "roadmap" could I get an update on the status of this. Or perhaps a workaround that someone has discovered?

Hi Anthony,
Please note that since version 2.9 CN went from shared to exclusive database usage mode.
You'll need to edit the cintanotes.settings file to return back the shared mode.
Please exit CN (this is important, otherwise your changes won't stick!), then find the cintanotes.settings file (it will be either near cintanotes.exe, or in %APPDATA%/CintaNotes).
Change the line
sqlite.pragma.locking_mode = EXCLUSIVE
sqlite.pragma.locking_mode = NORMAL

Please let me know if this helps, thanks!
Hey Alex,

That worked perfectly, I currently have 3 computers accessing my CintaNotes database on my LAN. I will keep you updated if I run into any future problems with this setup. However currently it seems to be working fine.

Thank you for your responce.
Great to hear, please let me know if there are any problems down the road!

Hi Dan, thanks for the suggestion! I've merged it with an older similar one, so that you'll get free 9 votes!

In my case, We Can't not use the internet, network drive, shared folder and so on for security issues.

so we need any other way to share notes with others. Is any other way? like using FTP Server.

PS. Check-in, check-out functions would be very useful for co-work.

How about a WebDAV server?

Can I use WebDAV without connecting it as network drive?

If i attach WebDAV as Network drive, it could be the ransomware target. right?

Including above, network drive is not allowed for some security issues.

Yes, you can use WebDAV without connecting it as a network drive.