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Add the option to synchronize on application close

Olaf Hess 9 years ago updated by Michael Weiner 7 years ago 5
The app should synchronize changes on exit
Under review
Won't it be annoying if after closing the program, it sticks around for the time needed to sync?
IMO a better option would be to sync as soon as there are any changes. what do you think?

Closed due to inability to collect 10 votes during more than 2 years. Sorry.

See also http://roadmap.cintanotes.com/topics/578-option-to-start-simplenote-sync-after-any-local-modifications/

Reopened due to new request of the same function

This could be optional or provided only upon an optional prompt ("Would you like to synchronize before exiting?").  It is hard to imagine why someone who has activated sync would not want to sync upon exit, if he or she is actually using the synchronized data.