Fully configurable keyboard shortcuts

Midas 14 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 5 years ago 4 1 duplicate
It should be possible for the user to assign keyboard shortcuts at will throughout CintaNotes.
( http://cintanotes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=571 )
configuring complexity:medium
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I voted for this request but don't really need it - why?
There are only a few applications out there that can do this trick - so I use HotkeyP to define keyboard shortcuts for every application and windows itself at will.

(With HotkeyP you can also meet other request on the roadmap like:
-> insert date time using a shortcut
-> scroll in the tag-list using the keyboard
...and again - this can be used not only in CintaNotes but in all applications).

Somebodies, please, be clicking the UPVOTES.  We all need this, my fellow CintaNote Buddies ...

Merged with an already existing ticket