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Attaching files as shortcuts

Alex Jenter 9 jaar geleden bijgewerkt door Tomasz Raburski 8 jaar geleden 2

The new file attachement feature is great and would be ideal for my needs as I would like to attach lots of pdf files to a note like a small database.

The problem is the file size and as that don’t plan to use Cintanotes portable or need to have the attachments transferred.

So here is my feature request: Could you advance file attachments so it would also possible to only link to the file attached – with all the additional advancements like open with when right click?

I know I can hyperlink a file but please try to add 25 pdf files in a note – one at a time and the note is full of links instead of the the text. And the 25 pdfs have a size of 100 MB so attaching so a few notes what like this would make CN really big.

I also would like to have attached links to files also on the extra space/part like now the attachments. To have the attachment extra is a great addition and very useful!

(Request by Lutz Gera)

file-attachments files

It would be great to have a text window, and a list of references (in form of file shortcuts). An alternative to the request is to have a clickable filelinks in the comment section.