Show notes attached to an application, web site, document, folder,...

ChrisCN 9 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 7 years ago 4
I know this feature from "Stickies" (http://www.zhornsoftware.co.uk/stickies/) and it was really useful during the time I used the program.

Imagine you have an excel sheet and want to take some notes related to the work you do there.
Or imagine you frequently open a website and want to take some notes regarding the research you do.
The possibilities are nearly endless...
(E.g. you could build you personal help for applications you don't use very often but which need some special steps to take which are hard to remember)

To make this work, CN would have to monitor all windows and their titles. As soon as it notices a title that matches an 'attached note' (wildcards should be possible), it opens the attached notes and shows them.

I am undecided whether the notes should automatically be closed if the corresponding window is closed - let's discuss that ;-)

This is not an urgent request. IMHO there are some feature requests pending which are more important. But this could be a productivity boost in the long run.

Hope you like the idea.
Under review
Interesting idea, Chris, thanks!
Just a thought: One can work the other way around. That is use CintaNotes as an index to your files. Search the note, open the file from there using a file link.
Thanks for your thought. Yes, I guess that's what I am doing most of the time. 

But the suggestion also has some 'reminder' character (e.g. I open my time sheet and a note pops up "don't forget to record XY" with more details in the note).
And it can be useful if there is a higher-level process which leads to a specific open window (e.g. you navigate through a sequence of websites or 'window wizards').

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