portable version has a drive dependency to the database file

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CN remembers the last opened database file but the path to the file is absolute.

In my case I do a dropbox synchronisation but
my dropbox folder is located on different drives for different machines.

So CN fails on the attempt to open the last file because D:\Dropbox\AppData\CN\cintanotes.db is not the same as: C:\Dropbox\AppData\CN\cintanotes.db  :)

So my suggestion is to make the path to the files relative to the location where CN is installed (at least for the portable version).

startup files


Fixed in 1.6.2
Is cintanotes.settings also in the Dropbox folder?
yes, with intent
I want to sync the settings too
I see. I think the logical thing to here would be to switch to relative paths for db files located in the same folder as cintanotes.exe or in one of its subfolders.
Would that solve the issue for you?
Is there a reason for limiting this to the folder (and subfolders) where CintaNotes is installed?
At the moment I have separated the portable applications from the data files:

If there is a reason I could reorganize my data files and move them in a subdirectory of CintaNotes. Otherwise I would prefer to keep it like it is.

If paths are stored in absolute form, you can move the program folder around and everything will work. Storing paths in relative form doesn't have this advantage, and also can't be used if the file is located on other drive.
In your example, paths are clearly unrelated (relative path will be stored as "..\..\APPL-Daten\CintaNotes\cintanotes.db"), so I'd prefer to limit relative path usage to the program folder and its subfolders.
I agree that my situation is a littel special. CN could remap drive letters to the one where CN is installed. If you don't like to implement this very special case - that's fine with me.
So if you prefer to only consider the installation folder and it's sub folders - please do so >> this at least would be consistent for a portable app because it then can be moved around without problems.

Fixed in 1.6.2