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mohanarun 11 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 7 years ago 7

I would like to be able to use CN as a lightweight document assembly tool.

The idea is to add a tag to all the notes you want to form assembled as a document. (output as pdf, word, etc.)

Once the 'Assemble document from this tag...' option is chosen, and the tag to be assembled on is specified, the notes with that tag can be assembled into a print-ready share-ready, word  pdf file etc.

My particular use case: This will let me store list of URL reesources in multiple notes and assemble those notes by combining and recombininig different notes in different ways as needed adhoc.

For example, if I stored some URLs in a note with title 'Business plan tools' and if I stored another list of URLs in a note with title 'Funding raising tools' then after I add a tag to both these notes and assemble a doc on that tag, I can generate a document (pdf/word) that lists Business plan tools and Funding raising tools. This is useful 2me because there are constant additions/deletions in the list of URLs inside these notes. Being able to dynamically include contents of particular notes to form a export doc pdf etc. would be greatly useful for me.

organizing export merging

Thanks for the request!

The idea of notes assembly tool will be considered.

But what about the second part (to export document as .doc or .pdf) seems really unpopular: 




Thank You!

OK No probs, probably document assembly doesnt fit in with the scope of a note-taking app :(

Why not use the merge command (Ctrl+M)?

Hi Alex, good idea Thanks…

"Merge" command seems to fit the bill here