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Google Docs backup and synchronization

Alex Jenter 13 years ago updated 12 years ago 4
Under review
Here's a working example of such approach
First of all I also habe the need to sync my notes.
At the moment I use Dropbox which works perfect.
I also own a google account - so this would also be a possible solution for me.

Many others may find 'other sync methods' match their needs better.
BUT every single user only needs ONE solution not 2, 5 or more.
And every additional way of syncing adds code and compelxity to CintaNotes!

So the question to me would be: Can CintaNotes support more than one sync method
without getting bloated? > I think an add-on philosophy could save the day.

So, you are suggesting unnecessary or duplicate features should be implemented as plugins/extensions/add-ons? BRILLIANT! 

The problem is that extensions usually slow things down a lot more than having the features coded into the program to start with. Example: Try loading enough extensions in Firefox to have it be able to duplicate ALL of Opera's built in features. As you can imagine, Opera, which is built with all these feature in mind runs a whole lot better than Firefox with a several dozen plugins tacked on.

Besides that, didn't someone already suggest syncing with Google Notes?

I agree with you that an add-on architecture for CintaNotes may pose other problems (e.g. bloat the application by itself). And I want to state that I personally don't need another sync method.

But I would assume that there is a break-even point. My firefox installation has currently 9 add-ons activated and is working at a fine speed. I am not sure if firefox with 300 of the most popular add-on features build in would run faster than with only 9 installed and activated. But that's guessing - I could be wrong. There is also a good chance CintaNotes would never reach that break-even point.

Notice that I voted for keep-cintanotes-simple. So my intention is (without voting against the google docs feature) to start a discussion on how this and other request like "sync with evernote", "sync with xy" could be implemented...

Maybe it should not be implemented at all - but I feel bad voting against others ideas they like ;-(