Numbering notes

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Use case: I am traversing through 2000+ notes. When I add new note at the top, I lose my position of where I was which I need to return to.

Solution: Provide toggle-able column which displays the ordinal number of notes.

How it will solve my problem: I can always remember the number of the note which I was traversing and quickly return to it by index number search.


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Wow I just found I got negative votes for this idea! I believe, actually this problem is only experienced when you have ~3000 notes like I have...

Imagine there is a printed book of notes, one note per page, and when you are
referring to and reading one note in a particular page (say page 65) then you are forced to put back the book (due to external interruption) but when you come back, how do you resume reading the same note? If you remember page 65 was the page where you left off reading, you can quickly return to it...
How about this suggestion as a (partial, but nonetheless) solution to the problem you describe?
Alex, I see both of our ideas are related ... (forward/backward navigation and numbering notes)

One way I imagine addressing it is like this:
Imagine there is a column that will appear on the left side of each note and it can be turned on and off (visible or not) using a hotkey. This column will display the ordinal number of the note.

If you right click on any ordinal number, and choose an option... "Goto..." then you could enter the ordinal number of any other note and it will navigate up/down to that note. This is like turning the pages of a book, if you know the page number which you want to view, you can skip ahead or leaf back to a particular page number quickly (random access).

If you right click on any ordinal number, and choose an option... "Display filter..." there will be "From: ___ and To: ___" where you can enter the ordinal number range of the notes you want displayed currently in the viewport.
Like From: 1001 to 1025. When you turn off the ordinal number column using the hotkey, the notes viewport will return to normal... display all notes.
Instead of From: ___ and To: ___ (two textboxes)
we could just have a single textbox that works like how Word's Print dialog box lets you type in 101-125 in the same textbox (using a typed-in hyphen)

When such 'filtered' viewport of notes is displayed, there could be (optionally) a ◄ and ► in the left and right of a bottom navigation bar, so the next or previous set of notes can be displayed, this could be 20 notes at a time or 100 notes at a time depending on the range that was entered in the textbox. (if user entered 101-120 then notes can be navigated forward and backward 20 by 20, if user had entered 500-1000, notes can be navigated forward and backward 500 by 500)...

Sorry for the late reply.
Thanks for the ideas. I think it would be better to post them separately: I consider note numbering, note pagination, and note number filter to be quite different concepts. Maybe then there's be more upvotes as well.
Closed due to inability to collect 10 votes for more than 2 years.